Metal Laboratory Service

This unique facility provides a wide range of testing and metal analysis equipment which provides  the metal sector with a service not previously available in the region. Our technician will provide advise and guidance to ensure that testing is geared to meet the exact needs of the client. This facility should be open by July so check the website regularly for the latest information.    

Metal Testing Services provided by the Metal Laboratory:

Mechanical Property Testing

  • Tensile
  • Impact (under different temperatures between ‐196° C up to 1,000° C)
  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Brinell Hardness
  • Vickers Hardness
  • Bend Test Impact (under different temperatures between ‐196° C up to 1,000° C)
  • Impact (under different temperatures between ‐196° C up to room temp)


  • Macro‐/Microstructure inspection
  • Grain size
  • Coating thickness
  • Depth of hardening
  • Spheroid graphite and SEM

Chemical Composition Analysis

  • Optical emission spectrometric
  • X‐radial fluorescence spectrometric

Carbon Sulphur Analyser

  • Nitrogen oxygen analyser
  • Fast and Reliable Mobile OES Metal Analysis – PMI‐MASTER PRO

Dimension Measurement

  • Symmetry, Coaxiality, Roundness, Perpendicularity, Flatness, Circularity, Parallelism, Roughness

Non‐Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Infrared Testing

Corrosion Testing

  • 10% oxalic acid etch testing for stainless steel
  • Thermal‐neutron fluence rate measurements
  • Ferric sulphate‐sulphuric acid testing for stainless steel
  • Neutral salt spray
  • Acetic acid‐salt spray
  • Acid‐oxidising salt test
  • Copper accelerated salt spray (CASS)
  • Pitting Test