Purpose of the Tokat Common Use Facility

Tokat CUF, has been established as the key part of the “Big Partnership of Small Industrialists” project under the direction of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme which is co-financed by the Turkish Republic and the European Union.

In essence the facility becomes an extension of the workshops for the legitimate small businesses active in the furniture, automotive and metal/machinery sectors. Most of the small businesses are restrained by many factors which means they cannot increase workshop space and cannot obtain or afford access to equipment which will increase their output and competitiveness. The purpose of the CUF therefore is provide access to the latest CNC machinery, design software and expertise, diagnostic and testing equipment and training that is not available to the small businesses by any other means.

Although charges will apply to the small businesses for using the equipment, they are necessary to cover CUF running costs and are far less than the businesses would have to pay for capital borrowing to get the machines themselves. Also new and replacement equipment can be purchased by CUF in future where surplus money allows to meet the new demands that technology will no doubt impose.