Training Center

Because of the overall goal to increase the competitiveness of the small companies operating in the furniture, metal and automotive sectors, CUF has purposely included a classroom based training facility. The facility has 25 computers equipped with the latest software so large or small groups can receive a range of training, either related to the industry sector or for any other purpose. In addition there is an interactive teaching screen and overhead computer projector which enhances the trainer’s range of tools to convey information instantly and effectively.

As the CUF develops the range of equipment on offer for use by small businesses so a dedicated trainer (or trainers) will provide training courses that will be open to all businesses in Tokat and the region. These courses will be aimed at helping businesses to improve their administration and what is known as ‘soft skills’. So typically there will be courses to help with core business functions such as  managing finances, marketing and advertising. The soft skills training will include techniques for improving for sales skills and general interaction skills for dealing with customers, as research has proven that there is a considerable demand for this type of training from businesses owners.

Training courses will also be tailored to demand from the business sectors whenever possible so that if there are particular skill weaknesses which several businesses have in common (by informing CUF) then courses can be designed to meet that need. The training facility can also be hired by outside organisations by contacting CUF to make the necessary arrangements.