Mission and Vision

The CUF will always make every effort to serve and put the needs of the small businesses working in the furniture, metal and automotive sectors ahead of any other consideration and maintain the highest standards in doing so. The equipment and services that CUF provides will be such that they will serve to give added value to the products and services of micro and small businesses, thus those businesses will become more competitive and positively contribute to the prosperity of Tokat.

The CUF will never seek to accrue any surplus funding other than for the purpose of investing in equipment and services including its human resources for the benefit of its clients. All its charges for use of equipment and services will be on the basis of covering all its costs in addition to a small margin to fund investments as described.

The CUF will strive to provide equipment and services based on the latest technological advances which provide the small and micro businesses with the opportunity to maintain a competitive advantage in commercial markets.

CUF will always work to develop and maintain links with other organisations or individuals whose mission it is to support economic development in Tokat.