Furniture Workplace Service

All you need to do is tell us what you need to make, paint or both and we will provide an exact cost and timeframe for us to complete the job. In addition we can provide ideas and designs to make sure you create something that really stands out. Below is a list of machine services.

  • CNC cutting, shaping, banding, painting equipment.
  • Manual cutting, drilling and banding equipment.
  • CNC circular cutting blade refurbishment equipment.
  • Manual circular saw refurbishment equipment.
  • Manual belt saw refurbishment equipment.
  • Furniture Design Centre including Solidworks, Espirit and Cabinetworks software.
  • Specialist Furniture designer providing individual and group support/ training offering new designs which can link with CUF CNC equipment to provide client with a design and cutting package.
  • Paint drying cabinet.
  • Storage and loading facilities.