CUF Team

The Tokat Small Industry Cooperative led by President Fehmi Çankaya took the opportunity to create the CUF using funds from the European Union and Turkish Government.

The staff comprises a small but growing team who have been recruited not just for their technical ability but for their commitment to helping the small businesses of Tokat grow and develop. This organic rate of staff growth means that the CUF personnel develop along with the new services that come on line with the introduction of new machines and facilities.

Currently there are 12 staff members (not including the director), the structure of which is described in the Staff structure diagram. There are three workshop areas in the CUF which are equipped for furniture making, metal machining and automotive servicing in addition to a Furniture Design centre. Each of the workshops has a workshop manager who is responsible for staff and all operations. The workshop managers report to the director about all issues relating to workshop performance. The CUF will appoint a general manager who will assume responsibility.

Organization Chart

The Furniture Designer works closely with the furniture workshop manager as designs created for clients are transferred from the design centre to workshop computer which is interfaced with CNC machinery. In this way the customer not only receives design support but can also have a fast machining service.

As the CUF develops it and is able to increase services to SMEs so the staff will increase accordingly. It is not difficult to foresee that workshop staff will have doubled by the end of 2018.