Design Center

This has been established very early in the development stage of CUF to meet the needs of the small furniture manufacturers as soon as possible. Helping to make the businesses more competitive in an intensely competitive market is the overriding basis for this specialist service. The majority of the 100’s of small companies in Tokat and the region produce a limited range of products predominated by the manufacture of kitchens.

The design centre therefore sets out to provide the client with a tailored service which will always introduce  innovation as part of the design advice offered. An experienced furniture designer who has worked in the sector for over 20 years has been appointed to lead the design centre.

Cutting edge software and hardware will be key elements of the design process and the application of computer aided design will feature throughout. Current software applications in use by the design centre include:

  • Cabinet Vision
  • Solidworks
  • Espirit

The design service will make it possible to reduce design time, increase the range of ideas, improve the design quality and provide the client with a much improved end result. As an added benefit the design service will offer a ‘design to cutting’ package whereby the CAD design is interfaced with the CUF CNC equipment meaning sheet material can be cut/shaped (painted if necessary) in CUF ready for assembly in the client’s workshop. The packages now on offer include entire bedrooms, playrooms and kitchens.

In response to collective needs of the furniture sector, the Design Centre will also offer group training to include topics such as basic technical drawing, introduction to designing and other design related training subject to demand.